Video – Top 7 Commercial Singing Secret # 1235

Video – Top 7 Commercial Singing Secret                # 1235
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Title Name : Top 7 Commercial Singing Secret

Title Number : 1235

Data : 618 MB

Duration : 3 Hours

Language : English

Type: Video Lecture

Subject: Vocal lessons, Singing, Voice

Date: May 18, 2016

Useful for:  All Grade


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After working with the Singing Success program, you will want to enhance your ability to sing songs with style. This product is designed to take you further down the road of stylistic mastery than you ever thought possible!
When you needed to build your entire voice, you got Singing Success, but what if you wanted to really hone in on your ability to “deliver” a song with great style at the same level as other professional artists?

You’ve heard the singers on the radio and in your favorite bands. You know there is something different about their voices. There’s qualities you hear that are instantly likable or memorable. They almost sound… untrained!

You realize it’s more than just hitting the high notes but you don’t know exactly what to listen for. Can great style even be taught? Don’t some singers just have a good voice and others will never be good enough for radio?

After 25 years of professional studio singing in Nashville, Dave Brooks (co-author of Singing Success) is finally releasing his “Top 7 Vocal Style Tips.” Now it’s finally possible to BREAK DOWN and LEARN Exactly What The Pros Already Know About Stylistic Singing. You may have thought that a singer “has it or not” (a good voice). This style program is sure to change your mind.



1. Learn How the Pros Approach Phrasing
One of the biggest differences between amatuer and professional singers is GREAT PHRASING. 9 out of 10 students have a very limited knowledge of this industry trade secret. Now you will learn everything you need to know straight from Dave Brooks, one of Nashville’s top studio session singers.



2. Finally Sing Licks & Trills Easily and Tastefully
Nothing’s more impressive than a singer that can easily flow in and out of their melodies with vocal licks. Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera all have amazing licks. Now you can too! Dave gives some of the best info available on licks & trills and how not to overuse them.



3. Learn The Secret to a Vocal That CUTS THROUGH A MIX
There’s something special about the way your favorite singers from the radio sing their songs. You will learn exactly how they use breathy compression, edgy compression and vibrato to make the vocal sparkle in just the right place in order to cut through a mix of instruments.