Video – BBC – The Sun # 1223

Video – BBC – The Sun                   # 1223
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Title Name : BBC – The Sun

Title Number : 1223

Published by : BBC

Data : 1.23 GB

Duration :  1Hour

Language : English

Type: Video Documentary

Subject: Science

Date: May 03, 2016

Useful for:  All Grade

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A revealing portrait of Earths closest star – the sun. Responsible for all life on Earth, the sun has always been worshipped. In the Stone Age, monuments were built to its constancy and predictability. New ways of observing the sun are revealing another side to it – a dark and violent side of turbulent storms and huge explosions. As scientists learn to understand the forces that drive it, they are also trying to control its power. If the suns power output could be harnessed for a single second it would supply the worlds demands for the nextMILLION  years.